Designed for Tradeshows, Workshops, Patios, and more.

With an innovative gravity fed design, get the Orion Tripod Base set up in minutes. Choose from a variety of lighting options to meet your specific needs.

Our Flagship Base

Crafted with the utmost durability in mind, it provides a solid and stable foundation for your Boomlight, ensuring your lighting needs are met with precision and style. 

3 Caster Base + Counter Weights

For maximum portability and stability.

Industry Leading Lighting Options

162w Low Profile High Bay

Designed for wide-area illumination, it offers an extended spread of light for comprehensive coverage. This panel features a 360-degree pivot for flexible lighting control and is IP65-rated for durability in challenging environments. It delivers an impressive 80+ foot-candles of light while consuming only 162 watts, making it an energy-efficient choice. Operable at 100-277v with a 5K color temperature

150w Round High Bay

Designed for flexibility with its 360-degree pivot feature. This IP65-rated panel delivers a powerful 80+ foot-candles of light while consuming just 1.8 amps, making it energy-efficient. It operates at 100-277v with a 5000K color temperature, ensuring brilliant illumination for various settings. 

Whats Included?

Free Shipping Crates

With Every Orion Purchase.

Five Year Warrranty

For Your Boomlight Panel.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

For Your Boomlight Structure.

Product Specs


8.5ft Tall Fully Assembled

8ft Arm Length



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